Bellsouth, its features and technical support

Bellsouth is a lucrative e-mail platform developed by Yahoo. Apart from using the basic services like sending and receiving e-mails, you can also merge your Bellsouth e-mail account with Outlook and Gmail to access all your clients seamlessly. Moreover, Bellsouth is fast, user-friendly, simple to understand and responsive as well which makes it the first preference for millions of users. Also, you can use it from any browser and its features can be even accessed through your mobile phone. However, there can be some technical issues at times and for that, you can always connect with their Bellsouth Customer service team.

Benefits of using Bellsouth email services

If you have a Bellsouth e-mail account, you can access it from any corner of the world. It is compatible with all browsers and therefore it is pretty easy to log in from anywhere.

You are required to purchase the internet services of Bellsouth while setting up your e-mail account. The internet services are super fast and make it a super-fast e-mail service provider.

Bellsouth is also known as AT&T South since AT&T Inc. acquired it in 2006. It can be set-up with any e-mail provider such as Outlook, Express, Visa, etc. and you just need to enter your user-id and password for utilizing its services.

Customer support service of Bellsouth

Like any other e-mail service, Bellsouth also has a few technical issues. These glitches can be troublesome if you do not have a knack of handling technical problems. However, there is nothing to worry about as Bellsouth has a team of experts to troubleshoot and resolve all the issues you are facing. Here is a list of common issues faced by the users of Bellsouth:

  • Not able to send and receive e-mails
  • Not able to create a new Bellsouth account
  • Slow processing
  • The problem in downloading attachments
  • Unable to log-in (Password Reset)
  • Not able to sync with other gadgets

These are some of the key features of the Bellsouth customer service team:

Bellsouth customer service team is available 24/7.

All their experts are well-trained and experienced enough to handle all bugs and issues.

Their customer service team is known for providing economical solutions and tackle the glitches in a professional way.


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