Add, Remove and Edit Payment information on Google Billing

How to Add, Remove, Update Billing payment Information in Google Billing

Google account or Gmail billing Account. Billing account is connected to all Google services like Cloud service, Gsute account, Extra Storage, etc.  You can use Credit or debit card and Paypal too to make any kind of payment in a google account or Gmail. If somehow you lost your card or want to update the new billing information on your google account or Gmail then read this article very carefully.

How Many Option Available for Google or Gmail Payment

The best way to pay your services bill by Credit card or Paypal in any country, you can set up your credit card, Debit card, or bank account as your default payment way. And you can also set up a backup credit or debit as a safety net. In case your default payment way failed then google charge your costs to your backup payment way. Make sure that your google and cloud services keep running without any hassle.

Add bank account payments allow you to specify a bank account to use as the primary payment source for your google account, and your account will not be active until you verify your bank account with the bank. It might take a maximum of 10 working days to complete your verification with the bank.

Things need to know before you add your payment information for google payment

  • We accept debit cards with the Visa or MasterCard logo.
  • Prepaid cards and Virtual Credit Cards (VCCs) are not accepted for payment.
  • Payment via wire transfer is not supported for a monthly charge or threshold billing accounts. You may pay with a bank account by adding it as a payment method if supported in your country.
  • By default, payments are processed automatically so you don't have to worry that your service will stop running if you forget to make a payment. If you prefer to make a payment in advance, you can do so at any time. For more information, see Make a Manual Payment.
  • If you entered your billing account information recently, it may take a few hours for your account to become active. If you have a problem finding the verification email or verifying your account, see Verify Your Email Address.

How to Add a payment method in Google Account or Gmail

Add a payment method:

  1. Sign in to the Google Cloud Platform Console.
  2. Open the console left side menu (menu) and select Billing.
  3. If you have more than one billing account, select Go to linked billing account to manage the current project's billing. To locate a different billing account, select Manage billing accounts.
  4. From the Billing menu on the left, click Payment method.
  5. In the Payment method page, click Add payment method. The types of payment methods available to you are based on your business address and your account's currency.
  6. Enter your payment information and click Save.
  7. Optional: After you save the payment method if you added an additional credit or debit card to use as a backup payment method, set that card as a backup:
    1. In the payment method card, you will see a drop-down in the bottom-left of the card(it might display None by default).
    2. Expand the drop-down, and select Backup.

If you are Unable to Add, Remove and Edit payment information in a google account or Gmail, Then call to Google Customer Service Helpline Phone Number as soon as possible.


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