Bypass or Remove Google Account or Gmail from Android LG Phone

11 Simple steps to remove Gmail account from android LG phone

Follow These steps to Remove Google account or Gmail from Android LG phone:

  1. Grab your Android LG phone.
  2. From your Phone Home screen, tap the MenuApps icon.
  3. From the Apps tab, tap Settings.
  4. Tap on Accounts option.
  5. Then, Tap on Google.
  6. Then, Tap on Account
  7. Tap on the right top Menu (located in the upper-right).
  8. Tap on Google account.
  9. Tap Remove account.
  10. Tap OK.
  11. Gmail account has been Removed from android, to use android phone Add New Account.


Sometimes, user, might factory reset their android LG phone and they are unable to bypass the android verification. It is very hard to remove Gmail account from the android LG phone.

Whenever you want to factory reset your phone. You need to remove the gmail account first from the android LG phone. Then only it will start up as a fresh otherwise you have to verify your gmail account to bypass. Otherwise, you need to contact to google or gmail support helpline number to bypass that verification from your android LG phone.

11 Steps to bypass Google account or Gmail from android LG phone

  1. After reset your phone will restart
  2. To bypass google account or Gmail you have to select the language on the screen. Then tap NEXT.
  3. Select your wifi network then tap on NEXT.
  4. Now on your phone screen, it’ll ask your google account or Gmail
  5. Enter your USERNAME/ Email address/Phone Number then tap NEXT
  6. Enter your Account Password.
  7. If you forgot gmail account password or gmail password not working on the LG phone, Call Gmail Support Helpline Number
  8. Click here to Reset or recover google account or gmail. Then Start over.
  9. Enter the email address
  10. Enter your New Google or Gmail Password
  11. You are successfully in, on your LG phone.

This is how you can recover google account or gmail password, and bypass your google account by following these steps. Sometimes this option not works properly. In this case you can to google support helpline number or reach to LG service center so they can reinstall the whole software then you can use your Android LG phone. If your phone is under warranty then definitely your phone service provider will help you to replace the phone or reinstall the whole software on the phone



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