Google Account Recovery Helpline Page

Google Account Recovery Page – Gmail Recovery Helpline Number

Google Account Recover page ( help you to recover google account or gmail password. If you forgot username or password follow this link, it will redirect you to a google account recovery page. Before you recover your google password or Gmail, you should have all the information like Phone Number, Recovery Email address and answer of Security Question.  Google will ask you more questions to verify your google account or gmail. So, be ready to give the answer as best you can. Once you get recovered or reactivated Google Account or Gmail password. Change your password once and use it on the secure devices.

22-Steps to Recover Google Account or Gmail

  1. Go to the website:
  2. Enter USERNAME/ Email address/ Phone Number
  3. Click next, Enter Password
  4. Click Next, it might prompt on the device > Tap YES to allow sign-in account
  5. If, google not prompted on the android device
  6. Check the screen, It might ask you the phone number (at the account setup time you registered )
  7. Enter the Phone Number, Click Next
  8. You’ll get a verification code on registered phone number
  9. Enter the Verification, Click Next (Verification code G-XXXXXX)
  10. You’ll have the option to set up a new password, or google will ask you more questions to verify your google account or Gmail
  11. It might ask you to verify the alternative email address
  12. Enter the recovery email address
  13. Then, Google will send you verification code on the email address
  14. Enter the code, Click Next
  15. You might get the option to set up a new password, or it will ask you to verify security question
  16. Enter the answer to the security questions to verify the Google account or Gmail.
  17. Please, verify when you created this google account.
  18. Enter the month and year to verify
  19. If you are getting a message that unable to verify your google account.
  20. Then it might ask you an alternative email address.
  21. Google will review all the information you entered, then it will reply to you on the alternative email.
  22. Google will take 2-3 days to review your google account

How to Reach Live Person in Google or Gmail

If, Google detects any suspicious activity from your Gmail account. Google will ask you for more information and review your Google account. Then you will able to set up a new password for Google account or Gmail. If you need any help or have any query or question then you can call to google account recovery Helpline Number to get help for your google account or Gmail.



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Neena smith
Oct 31, 2019

Is this google account recover page? Can someone help to reset my google account password?

Geekisquad Admin:yes you have more ways to reset or recover google account password, Visit: Reset or Recover google account password

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