Google Removing Flash Player From Google Chrome

Why Google Remove Flash Player From the Google Chrome

As it was earlier decided by the Adobe that they are going to close the Flash by the end of 2020. Now the time is not very far where Flash will say goodbye to all of us. For those who do not know what Flash Player is all about? Flash Player is a multimedia software which is used to make videos, games and so on. Most of the websites used to use this initially in their computers and phones.  But with the passage of time, we all have witnessed much better technologies which clearly shows that many new multimedia software’s have taken its place. For instance, earlier YouTube used Flash but then they switched it to HTML 5. Not only YouTube but other web developers started using this.


Flash Player Problem in Google Chrome Browser - How to fix Google Chrome Flash Player

The Flash player issues on google chrome emerged because new web technologies are better and more efficient than Flash. Different activities like shopping, banking, and other things are not really safe with Flash. These all situations occurred because Flash comes under the old technology and in comparison to today’s time flash is not enough to support all the multimedia purposes which are required. Adobe is making aware to the people who still use Flash and they should convert it into HTML 5. Popular browsers like Chrome and Safari have blocked flash already. There are still some sites which use flash player but after 2020, Flash player helpline will not be able to support many users. In comparison to other browsers, Mozilla has decided to ‘Extended Support Release’ that its users can use the Flash till the given deadline.  Google Chrome has decided that in upcoming versions like Chrome87 will not have flash inherently.


Flash Player Pop up on Gooogle Chrome and How to Fix & Remove

Now the question arises that how to remove flash players pop-ups in google chrome? There are some ways where one can get rid of the flash player. One way is manual elimination. Keeping precautions in mind one can remove this and its related viruses. Another way of doing this is that one can install an anti-spyware program. It is recommended because this will remove flash and can check if there are other problems or not. There are also some programs like Reimage, SpyHunter 5 and Malwarebytes. These are recommended because they detect all sorts of viruses, unwanted files, and data. Therefore, if one wants to remove flash they can remove it by using either of the methods.


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