How do you fix AT&T U-Verse when the Internet is not working?

How do you fix AT&T U-Verse when the Internet is not working?

For troubleshoot AT&T internet not working or internet speed slow in your system and mobile device get follow the steps –

  1. Steps 1. WiFi Troubleshooting - You have to first check your Wifi connection because may be causing your WiFi to be slow so check your router connectivity, power, battery backup.
  2. Steps 2. Verify Your Internet Speed - Check your internet speed on (Ookla - The Global Broadband Speed Test,) and stop all downloads, streaming, applications and programs thats using internet connection.
  3. Steps 3. Reset the Modem - Check if your Modem blinking red so now reset the AT&T internet modem settings and check again AT&T internet connections.

For Improve AT&T internet speed so change ow Wireless Channel, for know how to change AT&T internet wireless channel -

NVG Changing the Wireless Channel

  1. First you need to gather some details to make changes to your wireless channels, Find the Device Access code (
  2. 2. Open browser and browse
  3. The Click on Home Network and click on Wireless option
  4. Need to change Channel a couple to times to find the best WI-FI network after selecting option Click to Save changes.

The AT&T router web user interface is the control panel for your router it's where all the settings are kept and also changed. To make changes to your network you'll require to login to your AT&T router.

If you want to change any of the following:

  1. Default network name
  2. Wi-fi network name & password
  3. Username and also Password
  4. DHCP client addresses
  5. Firewall program settings
  6. You'll need to access the internet interface to do so.

Accessing the AT&T web interface is quite uncomplicated as well as all you'll need is:

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