How to change Hulu Password

How to change Hulu Password


If the user forgets their Hulu Password or loses their password, You can change your password by visiting your Account page on a web browser.

  1. Log in to your Account page on
  2. Under the Your Account section, select Change next to Password
  3. Enter your current password and your new password. After you confirm the new password, click on Save Changes.

Hulu Customer Service Support Number

If you unable to change Hulu Password? Don’t worry. You can use our Hulu password recovery tool to reset Hulu password.

Once you submit the email address associated with your Hulu account, we’ll send you a password reset email. A few things to keep in mind:

  • It may take up to 15 minutes for you to receive the email
  • Check your spam folders if you don’t get it in your inbox
  • Your new password must be at least 6 characters long
  • The password reset link will be good for 3 hours, so we recommend resetting your password as soon as you receive the email

Still Having trouble with Hulu?

If you don’t receive a password reset email from Hulu, our system may have a different email address associated with your Hulu account. Please try using our Account Recovery tool, which lets you use the payment information associated with your Hulu subscription to recover the email. If it does not work get in touch with Hulu Customer Service Support number.


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