How To Fix Password Errors In SBCglobal Email

How To Fix Password Errors In SBCglobal Email?

SBCGlobal email is a simplified email service, which is used by many people all around the world. SBCGlobal email has been experiencing certain issues lately, but most of the issues are not that serious. But, what if SBCGlobal net email is working on one device properly and not on other? Well, this has been the problem that SBCGlobal users are facing lately. Let us shed light on the issue and a possible solution to fix it.

SBCGlobal email is supposed to work fine on all devices, but it is creating issues when people are trying to log onto their SBCGlobal email. Password related issues have risen in SBCGlobal, and due to this, people are not being able to access their email accounts. As we all know that SBCGlobal email are now being accessed from Yahoo page, and when people have changed the passwords of their email accounts, they didn’t see it happening on the devices on which they were using this email. There is definitely an issue, and we will address it in this blog.

6 Steps to Recover Fix Password Error in SBCglobal Email

  1. Go to Yahoo Password Helper Page to change your SBCGlobal net email login password.
  2. Once you do so, you have to choose this option, ‘I’ve an issue with my password’.
  3. Click on ‘next’ and then, enter your SBCGlobal email ID followed by clicking on ‘Next’.
  4. Now, it’s time to go to AT&T site, which will happen automatically. Once you reach the website, you will see ‘password reset page’.
  5. Enter your username & last name. Once done, click on ‘continue’.
  6. It’s time to select two security questions and enter appropriate answers for each one of those. Click ‘continue’ after that and now, you can easily create a new password.

By following all the steps in the exact same order, you will be able to get your SBCGlobal email password changed on all the devices. But, if there is a device left on which, the password has not been able to change, then you have to follow below-mentioned steps instead of changing SBCGlobal net email settings. These settings are for Apple iPad as Apple devices usually create problems than any other device.

SBCGlobal net email settings

  1. Go to ‘settings and then, tap on ‘mail, contacts, calendars’.
  2. Tap ‘account’ on the very next screen, and enter the new password there.
  3. Tap ‘done’ to finish off the process, but there are chances that you come across an error, i.e., ‘server unavailable error’.
  4. Acknowledge this error by choosing ‘cancel’ at the very top of the iPad screen. Click cancel and you will get back to account screen.
  5. Tap on ‘delete account’ and then, tap ‘confirm’.
  6. Tap ‘add account’ when you go back to ‘mail, contacts, calendars’ option. After this, you need to tap ‘add account’ alongside tapping ‘Yahoo’ and ‘other’ option.
  7. On the current screen, tap ‘add email account’ option, where you need to add your full name, email address and your newly created password.
  8. Tap ‘next’ followed by ‘save’. With this, you will be able to setup your account.
  9. If after trying all the things, you are not able to change the password of your SBCGlobal email, then you can go to, which is the official site of the company.

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