How to Turn Off “Google Assistant”

How to Turn Off “Ok Google” on Your Android Device


Google’s coolest voice command feature “Ok Google” activates voice search on Android phones. The good news is that “Ok Google “can be turned off on an android device in a few simple steps! 

Why Turn Off “Ok Google” or "Google Assistant

Whatever you might be searching through it can be recorded for data exchange in the future. That’s not “Ok Google” as it leaves no privacy.

Methods to Disable Ok Google

You can turn Ok Google off by following two distinct methods based on the availability of Google Assistant on your device. We will be covering both the methods in the following tutorial.


The first method which can be used in order to toggle off ‘Ok Google‘ is as follows. 

  • Go to the settings tab on your Android device.
  • From the list, choose >Language and Input>Google voice typing.
  • Now choose the option which says ‘Ok Google Detection”


By doing so, you can stop your Android phone from reacting to the “Ok Google” command prompt. After some time if you wish to activate the voice command again, you can follow the same steps.


The second method involves the use of the Google application. 

  • Open the Google App on your Android Device
  • Navigate to the three line menu on the left-hand side of the app page
  • Go to Settings and choose the Voice tab which has ‘Ok Google’ detection
  •  Turn Off the ‘From the Google app’ option


If you still wish to use voice to search despite switching off the “Ok Google” option, then you can do so by clicking on the microphone option located on the search bar.

Optimize Privacy Of Your Android Device
OK Google does affect your privacy but it cannot be used to keep an eye on you. It is designed in a way to report whatever you say so that Google can collect data and improve its services.

 Contact Google Customer Service

Turning off Ok Google and many other options like GPS, Wi-Fi, 4G, and Google Maps Location history when not in use will ensure that there is more safety on your device.


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