How to Turn On 2-step Verification factor in SBCglobal Email Account

How to Turn On 2-step Verification factor in SBCglobal Email Account?


2-step verification is an extra layer of security in SBCglobal email account, Used to make sure that people trying to gain access to an online account.

First, User will enter the username or email address and password, after that instead of immediately gaining access; it will require asking another information. This second factor may come from one of the following categories:

  • Something you know: This could be a personal identification number (PIN), a password, answers to “secret questions” or a specific keystroke pattern
  • Something you have: Typically, a user would have something in their possession, like a credit card, a Smartphone, or a small hardware token
  • Something you are: This category is a little more advanced, and might include a biometric pattern of a fingerprint, an iris scan, or a voiceprint

With 2-step verification, it will not give access immediately to anyone. If your password is stolen, your phone is lost or you forgot the password, the chances of a someone else having your second-factor information is highly unlikely. They might Get Unlock Your SBCglobal Account.


Some Easy Ways To Setup SBCGlobal Two-Step Verification


Protect SBCglobal account from unauthorized access. With SBCGlobal Account two factor verification, users must get two unique factors when logging in to SBCglobal Account and it requires both factors which is called as a token,

The advantages of using SBCGlobal two-step verification are:

  • It reduces the risk of unauthorized access.
  • It avoids the financial losses and harms the other associated with data breaches.
  • It simplifies IT management with automated provisioning and administration.


Steps to Setup Two Step Verification in SBCglobal Email Account

  1. You need to use the mouse cursor over your name or icon in the top Yahoo! Mail navigation bar.
  2. Select Account Info from the menu that appears. If prompted:
    • Type your Yahoo! Mail password under Password.
    • Click Sign In.
  1. Follow the Set up your two step verification link under Sign-In and Security.
  2. Make sure that you checked this toggle to turn on the Two step verification is checked under Further Protect Your Account.
  3. If you already have a mobile phone number associated with your account:
  • Click Use Current Phone to use it for two-step authentication
  • Or, click Use New Phone to use a different phone number.
  1. If you have not yet set up a mobile phone number or chose Use New Phone:
  • Enter your phone number under Second Sign-In Verification Setup: Add Mobile Phone.
  • Click Receive SMS.
  1. Type the verification code received at the number under Entering code: (the code is not case-sensitive).
  2. Click Verify Code.
  3. Choose your mobile phone number for verification under two step verification to turned on to require the use of SMS text message verification or you can use either my security question or mobile phone number for verification to allow two-step verification with password and security question.


By this article: You may setup 2–step verification in SBCgloabl Account. If you are unable to setup 2-step verification in SBCglobal Account, Then you might need to contact with SBCglobal Technical Support Phone Number.



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