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Hotmail is a popular e-mail service used by millions of users around the world. It was at the peak of its popularity even before Gmail or some other email services were launched in the online market. A product of the Microsoft, Hotmail is still preferred by many because of its user-friendly features and simplistic approach towards mail segregation and handling.

Even though it is a popular e-mail service provided by a reputed company, it does have its own issues and errors at times. Its users are already not happy with the fact that it allows only 10MB of attachment in a single e-mail whereas most of its competitors are allowing files of 20MB and more.

Therefore, it is very important for Hotmail to ensure that the customer support service is top notch and dedicated. The committed and experienced team of Hotmail customer service support does provide an exceptional service to its customers.

Here are the few features that users of Hotmail enjoy

  • It is a safe platform to use since its secure from phishing and malware attacks.
  • Hotmail provides you access to the web apps of Microsoft Office. This allows you to utilize these tools without having to download them separately.
  • Hotmail enables you to edit the documents online without the need to download them to your system. This helps users who are working in the same organization and improves productivity as well.
  • Hotmail has launched new filters that allow you to differentiate between group emails, social media updates and much more.

However, these are the technical issues which might be faced by a customer of Hotmail

  • Connectivity issues
  • Issues while sending or receiving e-mails
  • Issues while attaching documents and photos to an e-mail
  • Password reset issues
  • Account hacking issues

Hotmail customer service support team is constantly striving to minimize all these issues by providing a prompt and excellent service. The staff and technical experts are experienced and well-trained to resolve all your queries and provide the best and most reasonable solutions to their customers. Therefore, you need not worry if something goes wrong while accessing the services of Hotmail.



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