SBCglobal Customer Service Helpline Number

SBCGlobal Customer Service Helpline

SBCGlobal is an excellent e-mail service offered by SBC (SouthWester Bell Company) which is one of the leading companies in the United States. It is loaded with multiple features and you can send and receive e-mails within seconds. Some of the best features of SBCGlobal are large storage space, numerous attachment options, security of data and much more.

However, despite its many features users of SBCGlobal face technical issues sometimes. The SBCGlobal Customer service support team is a team of professionals who are skilled to solve all these technical errors and issues with ease.

These are some of the best features of SBCGlobal email service:


The large address book of SBCGlobal allows you to save all your contacts with ease.

SBC Synchronize with Yahoo

With SBCGlobal you can synchronize with Yahoo messenger app. You can also sign-in through Yahoo to enjoy the features of both Yahoo and SBCGlobal. Also, the lucrative features of Yahoo such as Instant Messenger, Yahoo groups, etc. are available of users of SBCGlobal as well.

Superfast speed

With SBCGlobal e-mail service you can send an e-mail within seconds and therefore it is used by millions of users worldwide.


Only authorized users can access their e-mail accounts and there are many security patches in this application which makes it a secure e-mail platform.

SBCglobal Customer Support

Here are some of the common issues faced by the users of SBCGlobal email

  • Issues while creating an SBCGlobal account
  • Errors while sending or receiving e-mails
  • Connectivity issues
  • Password reset issues

Most of these issues can be handled at the user end itself but you can contact their customer support team if the issues persist even after that. The professionals of SBCGlobal Customer service support team can be reached by both e-mail and phone.

Their technical experts are certified and provide complete assistance to the users. They are experienced in handling technical glitches and you can contact them from anywhere and at any time. Due to the perfect SBCGlobal Customer service support, you need not be worried while handling your personal and business e-mail conversations.



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